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Cork Pops Refill Cartriges, 2-Per Box

Cork Pops Refill Cartriges, 2-Per Box Review. These Cork Pops refill cartridges provide a quick and easy way for you to replace your empty cartridges. Simply removed the empty cartridge from the Cork Pops unit and replace with a new one.

 “LOVE it – didn’t think I would but I DO” 2006-01-15
By John R. Jacobson (Honolulu HI)

My wife bought me one of these Cork Pops things, and I thought she was nuts – another TV gimmick. It sat for about 6 months unused. Then I tried it. Now, another 6 months later, I’m ordering refills.

One does have to get used to it. The cork pop can be a surprise, and one must exert some force to remove the cork afterward. But how cool it is! So EASY and quick. A twist of the wrist removes the wrap at top of bottle. Push the needle down through the cork. Press the canister with your thumb, and POP! Cork out. I want to go open bottles for my friends.

 “prompt delivery” 2008-04-05
By Joseph Scherzer

item was packed well and delivered promptly after ordering. still using the previous cork popper…if the replacements work as well as the original, they will be fine.

 “Great product” 2010-01-03
By Cinky

The Cork Pop opener is the easiest, fastest way to uncork wine bottles. One push and the corks come out easily. Works best on real corks.

 “I love the cork pops!” 2010-02-07
By zelda

I love Cork Pops! They are a fun party trick which will wow your guests. My oder arrived fast and in excellent shape!

 “Gas Cartridge” 2008-03-27
By John Zalitis (Wickenburg AZ USA)

I have used a CorkPops Bottle Opener for 10 years and this is my second re-order of refills. I do find that it takes more gas to “pop” synthetic material corks and, as more and more companies use these corks, my gas usage will go up. I received the refill gas cartridges from CorkPops four days after I placed the order.

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