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Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller Review. At the touch of a button, the Oster Wine Opener easily opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. The stylish and ergonomically designed soft-grip handle will fit into the palm of your hand for a firm grip. Also includes a foil cutter to remove wine seals and a recharging base for convenience.

 “Looks and Works Great” 2007-01-09
By N. Fitzgerald

I was surprised as to how well this item actually worked when we opened and started using it. I purchased this as a ‘filler’ gift for my wife for Christmas. Knowing that it was a gadjety gift I did not have high expecations. We used this for fun and found out how easy it is to use and how cleanly it removes the cork. It opens many bottles on one charge, although we have not yet tried to prove the box statement correct that it opens 30 bottles on one charge.

Good for a person who struggles with conventional wine openers and breaking corks.

The bonus wine chiller is stylish and functional.

 “The wine opener alone sells for way more than this in retail stores and wine catalogs!” 2009-05-30
By A. Chandler (Austin, TX)

We actually originally bought just the wine opener at a department store. As is usual with Amazon, this online price is waaay better than what we paid for the wine opener ALONE…I was told at a dinner party that Amazon had the wine opener for less than what I paid so we went online to order several of these as gifts and found we could get the wine chiller too for less!

Not only do these two wine lovers love the opener, but every time we use it in front of someone they fall in love and want one so it’s the perfect gift.

So…we ordered a few with the wine chiller and tried out the wine chiller as well and are equally as impressed! We had a dinner party and ran low on white wine. A fast chill provided by the wine chiller kept the dinner party flowing smoothly.

We had a $150 dollar wine opener that didn’t work nearly as impressive and easily as this one did. In fact, a wine opener just like this is still in wine catalogs for over $100. It may even be the same one…that’s the first place we saw it.

As for how it works…place it on the bottle, push the button, ZIP…it uncorks it for you.

TO REMOVE THE CORK: (totally easy) you just push the button in reverse and it pops it right out for you to remove it! Anyone who didn’t know this trick may not have read that part of the instructions as I could see that trying to remove it otherwise would be difficult. but it’s a cinch if you push that reverse button…even easier than removing it from a manual opener!

CONCLUSION: I love to drink wine but hate opening it and have broken enough corks in my day to realize I shouldn’t. This is uncorkage 101 at it’s finest whether you are a pro opener or as clumsy as me…looks impressive, is a major conversation piece once you use it, works in seconds with no brainpower needed, and the battery charge lasts so long that we even took it on a cruise and uncorked our wine during the whole trip perfectly and still came home and used it for a few weeks without having to recharge!

The wine chiller works just as well as the ones costing hundreds more. We are a lover of Oster and Amazon for this bargain set for our gift giving!! My parents, who have everything, are as hooked as we are on this and now gift it themselves to others.

And, more importantly, we’ve had it for a year now and it’s as good as new. Some more expensive wine openers we’ve had had more fragile pieces that didn’t hold up.

While it’s the perfect gift, you’ll want to keep it for yourself if you don’t yet have one.

 “amazing wine opener” 2007-11-08
By J. Gayer (Philadelphia area)

I first saw this wine opener at a friend’s party and was so amazed by it that I have purchased more than 5 for friends, clients and family. It really does open 30 bottles on one charge and very quickly. What more could one ask for at a party, large or small?

 “Fast & easy” 2007-12-08
By Pamela (Atlanta)

I received this as a gift last Christmas. I have used it consistently now and it never fails. It is almost too easy. The trick is to hold the bottle so that it does not move, preferably supported by the counter, and lightly press down with the opener. Once you get the trick it is like slicing a piece of cake. No messed up cork screws just a smooth opener. It takes up very little room on the counter and once charged works for quite a few openings.

 “Easy on the hands wine opener” 2008-09-13
By Phyllis Schmidt (Virginia)

My husband has problems with regular wine bottle openers because he has arthritis in his fingers. I searched the web to see if there was any other type of opener that he could use without any hassles. The Oster 4207 and 4208 are fantastic. The Oster 4208 comes with a wine chiller that makes this a special gift to give to others. We have given three of these as gifts to people who found them to be excellent and fun to use.