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Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator Review.


Red wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting can be time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient.

Magic Decanter’s design speeds up this process with ease and convenience. Perfect aeration can be achieved in the time it takes to pour a glass.


Simply hold the Magic Decanter over a glass and pour wine through. Magic Decanter draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You’ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish.


Note that the “Fold Line” extending from the aeration hole is a normal part of the manufacturing process. This is not a defect, but part of manufacturing.

 “This is the aerator to buy !!” 2010-05-02
By Donna Jane Turner (San Diego, CA)

This is a very good product and compared to the other aerators out there for the same price, I believe that this is the best one by far.

 “Fab Decanter” 2010-05-06
By Radine

Great Decanter and a wonderful price….fast shipping I would buy again….

Makes a SO SO wine soooooooooo much better…


 “Shouldn’t work, but does” 2010-02-02
By Al Johnson (Seattle, WA United States)

I bought this at the urging of a friend who has one. Very elegant, well-made little machine– and darned if it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the taste of red wine. Compared 2 glasses poured right after opening a bottle of Cab Sauv– and the decanted one tasted noticeably smoother.

Well, okay, you say, but couldn’t you accomplish the same thing by opening the bottle a bit ahead of time and just letting it breathe? Maybe not: I repeated the test after the bottle had been opened for about 4 hours, and the difference was still there.

And it’s fun: wine makes a satisfying gurgle as it runs through.

Worth the money, at least at this under-$20 price.

 “Wow! it really does make a difference!!” 2010-01-28
By Seattle ricky (seattle wa)

I just bought this item and it came as promised and i could not wait to try it as i have heard so much about these things but did not want to pay the […] bucks they usually cost. figured for $18, it was worth and try..and man,i could not believe the difference it makes!This thing was worth every penny! I am a firm believer in the notion of not having to spend a lot for a decent bottle of wine and so i took a decent Australian Cab and gave this a shot. I was blown away and the difference and frankly i dont think i am the most sophisticated wine drinker but i can tell a crappy red from a good one and this really helps make a solid wine a better than solid wine! I dont think it will take a bad bottle and make it good…although i havent tried that yet but you will be amazed at what it can do for an already decent wine. DO NOT SPEND THE $40 FOR THOSE OTHER ONES!!! this one works great!

 “It Really Does Improve My Wine” 2010-01-20
By M. Davidson (Seattle, WA USA)

I have a lot of friends that had been using a wine aerator and I heard from nearly all about how cool and effective the product was for their red wine enjoyment. So after searching Amazon I found the Magic Decanter Red Wine Decanter Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator. I made the decision for this particular device because it said it would do everything that the more expensive ones would do, but the price was much less than the others.

So in my initial “no wine snob” test, I could taste and smell the difference on a mediocre bottle of wine. We could certainly improve the perceived quality of the wines on our shelf.

It was great fun to do a double blind test with my wife and see if she could see a difference in the wine. The test came off without a flaw and this process will probably increase our consumption of wine. I’ve conducted several other tastings with friends, and we all agree – this thing works.

If you’re a serious wine drinker – or shopping for a wine drinker in your life – give this product a try. At less than $20, it’s about the price of a decent California Cabernet, and will yield results for decades to come. I plan on picking up a few dozen for my friends and clients.