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Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover 12 oz

May 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover 12 oz Review. Wine Away is an all natural, bleach free wine stains remover that is non toxic and safe for kids and pets, it is made from fruit and vegetable extracts and comes in a variety of forms. 12 oz spray.

 “great product” 2009-02-01
By Grandmother reader (California)

Strong citrus smell but gets wine and black coffee stains right out. Couldn’t do without it.

 “Removes stains — really works” 2008-09-06
By Lori (Minnesota, United States)

Spilling red wine can be a pain but this stuff really works even on white shirts! The trick is to spray it as soon as you can and it turns the stain to purple, then it washes out.

 “buy the large bottle” 2009-10-23
By M. Reynolds (SF, CA)

Nothing gets red wine out better…..even the next day or a couple of days later. So keep the large bottle next to the washing machine and store a back up bottle in the glovebox!

 “This stuff is AMAZING!” 2010-04-09
By Robin (Akron, OH USA)

I’ve used this product for years. It works great on clothing. I’ve even used it on larger spills on the carpet and been pleasantly surprised at the results.

 “Amazing and a lifesaver!” 2010-01-09
By Silverheart (Washington USA)

A MUST for any household where red wine is enjoyed.

I spilled an entire glass on a pale gray carpet. Immediate application of Wine Away and lots of rubbing removed ALL traces.

Keep a bottle in a living room drawer – the sooner you attack the spill, the better.

I don’t find the smell bothersome – very orangey.