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Metrokane Wine Pourer with Stopper, Black

May 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Metrokane Wine Pourer with Stopper, Black Review. Black Bottle Pourer with Stopper – ABS Plastic and Rubber

 “Great product!” 2008-06-27
By Mcmorty (Oklahoma, USA)

Wow, who would think something as insignificant as a wine stopper could make me smile. I ordered this only because I was looking for something to purchase to get one of those 4-for-3 specials on Amazon. When we have our occasional bottle of wine, we never finish in one night and it’s always been a challenge to get the cork out the second or third night. This crazy little thing works perfectly. The stopper goes in the bottle VERY easily and then you just pull the little black thing out of the stopper and pour. We store the wine on its side and it never leaks. It is so cool looking that it would make a wonderful gift. I HIGHLY recommend it!

 “Must Have For Wine Drinkers” 2008-04-07
By J. Barr (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Great product, pours smoothly, no drips, seals bottle, and looks nice. I bought for myself, then bought several more as they make great gifts. I highly recommend.

 “Pours good” 2008-06-02
By Kevin A. Smith (S Florida, USA)

Actually works really well. I had one on a bottle of white wine in sitting in ice. The ice melted and the bottle fell over, but not a drop of water got into the bottle. It even sat that way overnight. One caveat! The bottle went from cool (enough) to very cold, so some vacuum probably formed in the bottle. That may have helped some with the seal, but seal it did. As a pour spout it works fine, minimal dripage. No noticeable change in the taste of the wine. It also looks fairly cool, and it has received comments. I import Italian wine and have used it when out with my samples.

 “Wine Stopper” 2007-11-26
By Grandma

Can’t say enough good for this one. Makes a great gift to go along with a bottle of wine. The best stopper / pourer I have ever purchased.

 “Elegant, easy and a great combo with wine preserver spray” 2009-01-24
By Bearwife (Seattle, WA USA)

I’ve tried a few wine bottle stoppers to pair with my wine preserver spray, and this one is the best. The “cork”/pourer fits virtually any wine bottle neck, and pours very nicely, and the little stopper gives a truly airtight seal. The whole thing looks rather nice too. Very nicely designed, very easy to use. Buy this if you use a wine preserver spray. (And to my way of thinking only the wine preserver spray actually preserves the qualities of good wine, at least over the four days or so it takes to drink one at a glass a day rate.)


Screwpull Patented 4 Wheel Foil Cutter – Black

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Screwpull Patented 4 Wheel Foil Cutter – Black Review. Screwpull Patented 4 Wheel Foilcutter – Black

 “Works great!” 2007-11-03
By telco (Durham, NC)

I actually bought this one while I was in Paris. Somewhat skeptical but bought it anyway. Works like a charm! If you’ve ever been annoyed by the foil on top of the wine bottle, then get this one. You won’t regret it.

 “The first (?) and best” 2007-11-10
By Michigan Maven

I guess there’s not a whole lot one can write about a foil cutter, but I did want to say that of the several I’ve used over the years, this is the best. It’s lightweight, comfortable to use, cuts foil with great ease, and well designed. (The last foil cutter I used would pinch my finger occasionally.) It’s more expensive than it ought to be, but I do expect it to last a long, long time.

 “Just squeeze and twist!” 2008-01-20
By Craig Clontz (Metaluna)

This foil cutter works very well. Just place over the top of the bottle, squeeze to press the four wheels against the foil and bottle, and twist 45 degrees. This sure beats my old method – using a serrated steak knife and hoping I didn’t slip and cut my thumb!

 “Excellent Replacement” 2009-11-03
By C. Rohlsen (Briarwood, NY)

I bought this cutter to replace one that finally broke after 15 years of service. The original one came with a wooden box enclosed wine opening set. It is an excellent replacement. It does the job of foil cutting with ease.

 “Best little foil cutter ever” 2009-11-16
By James J. McGillan (Pinehurst, NC)

This best little foil cutter really works and it doesn’t fall apart after two weeks use like many of the others I’ve tried. You also can’t beat the price–for something that works! It’s what you would expect from Screwpull–the best in their business.


Cork Pops Refill Cartriges, 2-Per Box

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Cork Pops Refill Cartriges, 2-Per Box Review. These Cork Pops refill cartridges provide a quick and easy way for you to replace your empty cartridges. Simply removed the empty cartridge from the Cork Pops unit and replace with a new one.

 “LOVE it – didn’t think I would but I DO” 2006-01-15
By John R. Jacobson (Honolulu HI)

My wife bought me one of these Cork Pops things, and I thought she was nuts – another TV gimmick. It sat for about 6 months unused. Then I tried it. Now, another 6 months later, I’m ordering refills.

One does have to get used to it. The cork pop can be a surprise, and one must exert some force to remove the cork afterward. But how cool it is! So EASY and quick. A twist of the wrist removes the wrap at top of bottle. Push the needle down through the cork. Press the canister with your thumb, and POP! Cork out. I want to go open bottles for my friends.

 “prompt delivery” 2008-04-05
By Joseph Scherzer

item was packed well and delivered promptly after ordering. still using the previous cork popper…if the replacements work as well as the original, they will be fine.

 “Great product” 2010-01-03
By Cinky

The Cork Pop opener is the easiest, fastest way to uncork wine bottles. One push and the corks come out easily. Works best on real corks.

 “I love the cork pops!” 2010-02-07
By zelda

I love Cork Pops! They are a fun party trick which will wow your guests. My oder arrived fast and in excellent shape!

 “Gas Cartridge” 2008-03-27
By John Zalitis (Wickenburg AZ USA)

I have used a CorkPops Bottle Opener for 10 years and this is my second re-order of refills. I do find that it takes more gas to “pop” synthetic material corks and, as more and more companies use these corks, my gas usage will go up. I received the refill gas cartridges from CorkPops four days after I placed the order.

Vin02 Wine Aerator Award Winning Design

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Vin02 Wine Aerator Award Winning Design Review. It is a well known fact that red wine needs breathe and thus open up to releasing its aromas and creating a smoother finish. The VinO2 wine aerator incorporates art and style while expediting this process. Designer Master Zen Lhu has crafted a wine aerator that is truly a work of art. Master Zen’s dream is “as the sun is to the earth, the rain is to the valley, the soil is to the vine, our wine aerator will be to your next glass of wine.” Our award-winning design gives each and every glass of wine enhanced flavors and superior bouquets. Simply pour your next glass of wine through the VinO2 wine aerator into your glass. You will hear the air fortifying your wine in seconds and you will smell and taste the difference.
“Let me breathe life into your next glass of wine”
Master Zen Lhu

 “Must taste to believe!” 2009-11-03
By R. Gitre

No kidding. This makes that […] buck chuck taste awesome. Fun to use. Very sexy design. It was the hit of our last wine party. I’m going to be giving this to all my best clients this holiday season.

 “At first I was skeptical!” 2009-11-03
By In Vino Veritas (SoCal)

I received a Vino2 Aerator as a gift, and was a bit skeptical that it would improve the taste of wine. I brought it out when some friends were over for wine and cheese, and we decided to test it out. I poured the wine into identical glasses (no one saw which was which) and had them all try it. Every one of us could taste a difference in the aerated wine! It really does make a difference, especially if you have just opened a bottle and it seems like it needs to rest a bit. The aerator takes away that initial acidity, and lets you drink it right away! It comes in a beautiful box, with a stand so you can put it on a tray with your wine. Cheers to the person who developed this product, I just solved my Christmas shopping list!

 “Best Aerator Ever!” 2009-11-22
By Nickolas E. Fandel (San Diego, CA USA)

I bought many of these Vino2 Aerator’s as Christmas gifts this year. I had never used one before but have heard many good things about them and especially the Vino2’s. I actually tried a comparison of a glass without aeration and one with. The difference was amazing! The Vino2 aerator makes the taste smoother and gives it less of a bite. The great thing was that this is an instantaneous process so you don’t have to sit around and wait for a decantor. I really like the attractive and sleek looking box. The stand, which comes with the product, is an added perk to the whole set up. I have seen other aerators, but the Vino2 gets the first place award for ease of use, aesthetics and price. I just got more than half of my Christmas shopping done this year. I owe the creator of this product many thanks and would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

 “Wonderful!!!” 2009-11-27
By M. Dougherty (Malibu, CA)

This is a wonderful invention. I am so happy I found it. This is the perfect gift for friends and family. It is very handy and make your red wine pop witj flavor. I would recommend this to everyone! Wonderful wonderful!!!

 “my new xmas gift for all the people at work” 2009-11-04
By J. Rones (san diego)

I first saw this product in Napa at well known winery. I bought it for my brother in law and we did a side by side comparison with the same wine. We tasted one without using the Aerator and one after we used the Aerator, we all concluded that the wine tasted better using the Aerator.

also i love to watch it work; the gurgle always delights me.

and i bought 5 more since the original purchase so I can give it to others.

Love it, love it, love it

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer Review. Metrokane, founded in 1983, produces the world’s leading line of wine accessories, including the famous Rabbit corkscrew, and continues to develop a host of fresh and innovative tools. “Just pour and taste the difference”. With the Metrokane wine aerating pourer you don’t need a separate aerator. Simply insert the Rabbit Aerating Pourer into a wine bottle as you would a conventional pourer. When you pour the wine you see and hear aeration happening. When you taste it, you enjoy the enhanced flavor and bouquet of perfectly aerated red wine. The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is the first easy, uncomplicated way to aerate wine. Each aerating pourer separates for hand washing and stores in it’s own case.

 “Rabbit Aerating Pourer” 2009-11-08
By D. L. Thomas (Olathe, KS USA)

In these days of over-hyped products that rarely work as advertised, it’s a treat to find something that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Metrokane’s Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer is one that does, based on our family’s experience. We’ve found it greatly improves the taste and drinkability of freshly opened red wines without having to decant them from the bottle, while at the same time being functional and easy to use. As an added bonus, clean up is a snap! We tried it out with members of our gourmet group and it garnered kudos from all concerned. Highly recommended!

 “great novelty gift for wine lovers” 2009-12-10
By painter09 (USA)

After my boyfriend and I attended our first wine tasting/ guided tour, we learned that after opening a bottle of wine, it’s best to let it breathe for a while.

The rabbit aerator allows us to enjoy a newly opened bottle of wine immediately, rather than waiting for it to breathe.

We tested the aerator on both a red and a white wine and we could definitely tell the difference. (Although technically I think they make separate aerators for whites and reds.)

The aerated wine was very smooth with little to no acidic finish. The non-aerated wine was quite a bit harsher with an acidic finish. The flavors and scents were noticeably different as well.

It was fun to do our own at-home taste test, and we will definitely use this when we have friends over for a party.

Please note: I was personally concerned about the aerator leaking, not fitting the bottle, or being difficult to remove. I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of these were a problem.

Great product, and I highly recommend it.

 “much better than vinturi” 2009-12-26
By Fred French (NYC)

I used to own a Vinturi but threw it out because it started to have a harsh plastic-type smell. So i bought the metrokane aerator, which is $10 cheaper and much better because you don’t need 2 hands. I would recommend this aerator over the Vinturi.

 “wine tastes better!” 2009-12-28
By sunshine (upstate new york)

Tried the aerator over the holidays, seems to give the red wine a better, fresher taste? my opinion. Pours well and doesn’t drip.

 “Wine aerator” 2010-01-01
By Markus Doerr (Glenmoore, PA (USA))

The wine aerating pourer is a device that lets flow wine over a larger surface under the inclusion of air. This way the wine is aerated instantly, to the same effect then pouring it in a caraffe and let it stand for an hour. The different taste compared to direct pouring is detectable even for an untrained tongue. The wine gets instantly more mellow and balanced, especially if the tannin content is high.

The device consists of two pieces which can be easily detached and cleaned and fits all wine bottles. It does not replace a caraffe for festive occasions but as an instant improvement for the casual bottle of wine it is an excellent idea.

Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator

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Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator Review.


Red wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting can be time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient.

Magic Decanter’s design speeds up this process with ease and convenience. Perfect aeration can be achieved in the time it takes to pour a glass.


Simply hold the Magic Decanter over a glass and pour wine through. Magic Decanter draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You’ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish.


Note that the “Fold Line” extending from the aeration hole is a normal part of the manufacturing process. This is not a defect, but part of manufacturing.

 “This is the aerator to buy !!” 2010-05-02
By Donna Jane Turner (San Diego, CA)

This is a very good product and compared to the other aerators out there for the same price, I believe that this is the best one by far.

 “Fab Decanter” 2010-05-06
By Radine

Great Decanter and a wonderful price….fast shipping I would buy again….

Makes a SO SO wine soooooooooo much better…


 “Shouldn’t work, but does” 2010-02-02
By Al Johnson (Seattle, WA United States)

I bought this at the urging of a friend who has one. Very elegant, well-made little machine– and darned if it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the taste of red wine. Compared 2 glasses poured right after opening a bottle of Cab Sauv– and the decanted one tasted noticeably smoother.

Well, okay, you say, but couldn’t you accomplish the same thing by opening the bottle a bit ahead of time and just letting it breathe? Maybe not: I repeated the test after the bottle had been opened for about 4 hours, and the difference was still there.

And it’s fun: wine makes a satisfying gurgle as it runs through.

Worth the money, at least at this under-$20 price.

 “Wow! it really does make a difference!!” 2010-01-28
By Seattle ricky (seattle wa)

I just bought this item and it came as promised and i could not wait to try it as i have heard so much about these things but did not want to pay the […] bucks they usually cost. figured for $18, it was worth and try..and man,i could not believe the difference it makes!This thing was worth every penny! I am a firm believer in the notion of not having to spend a lot for a decent bottle of wine and so i took a decent Australian Cab and gave this a shot. I was blown away and the difference and frankly i dont think i am the most sophisticated wine drinker but i can tell a crappy red from a good one and this really helps make a solid wine a better than solid wine! I dont think it will take a bad bottle and make it good…although i havent tried that yet but you will be amazed at what it can do for an already decent wine. DO NOT SPEND THE $40 FOR THOSE OTHER ONES!!! this one works great!

 “It Really Does Improve My Wine” 2010-01-20
By M. Davidson (Seattle, WA USA)

I have a lot of friends that had been using a wine aerator and I heard from nearly all about how cool and effective the product was for their red wine enjoyment. So after searching Amazon I found the Magic Decanter Red Wine Decanter Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator. I made the decision for this particular device because it said it would do everything that the more expensive ones would do, but the price was much less than the others.

So in my initial “no wine snob” test, I could taste and smell the difference on a mediocre bottle of wine. We could certainly improve the perceived quality of the wines on our shelf.

It was great fun to do a double blind test with my wife and see if she could see a difference in the wine. The test came off without a flaw and this process will probably increase our consumption of wine. I’ve conducted several other tastings with friends, and we all agree – this thing works.

If you’re a serious wine drinker – or shopping for a wine drinker in your life – give this product a try. At less than $20, it’s about the price of a decent California Cabernet, and will yield results for decades to come. I plan on picking up a few dozen for my friends and clients.

Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set

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Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set Review. The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump which extracts the air from an opened bottle and reseals it with a reusable rubber stopper. It slows down the oxidation process and keeps the wine fresh for 7 to 10 days

 “Handsome and Practical” 2007-12-27
By Lynn Hoffman, author:The Short Course in Beer (Philadelphia)

This stainless version of the popular winesaver includes two non-drip pouring spouts. The stainless look is perhaps worth a few dollars more than the cost of the plastic models.

Looking at the reviews of this an other Vacuvin products, you see reports that are deeply contradictory. It’s interesting that there is such a divergence of experience with such a simple product. The ideas behind Vacuvin are pretty simple.

First, air is the enemy of an open bottle of wine. Bacteria in the air want to turn alcohol into vinegar. The air itself oxidizes and dulls the taste of all but the most robust wines.

Second, you can remove some of the air with a simple pump and thereby slow down the rate at which wine deteriorates.

Why then, do we have both no-star and five-star reactions to this product?

Maybe the biggest source of disagreement is expectations. Vacuvin slows the deterioration of wine in the bottle, but it doesn’t stop it.

Another possible reason for all the disagreement might be a question of temperature. The biochemical reactions that kill your wine are temperature sensitive. They proceed faster when the wine is warm and slow down when it’s cool. Putting a pumped-out bottle in the refrigerator or wine cooler will slow down the spoilage processes and make Vacuvin more effective.

A third issue is the way the wine is handled before the Vacuvin plug goes in. If wine has a lot of air dissolved in it by being poured from decanter to bottle, there’s no system that will keep it fresh.

For more info on wine storage, check out my book, New Short Course in Wine,The

–Lynn Hoffman, author of New Short Course in Wine,The and bang BANG: A Novel from Kunati Books.

 “Wine Saver, Money Saver” 2007-08-29
By Alan (West Lawn PA)

As any wine drinker, be it red or white, knows, the worst thing that can happen to a bottle of wine opened at dinner, is to not be able to finish the bottle of wine at dinner.

I’m a novice drinker of wine, and sometimes can go through a bottle with my girlfriend in one night, other times, the wine just doesn’t go down as well, and you want to save it for the next night. Previous attempts to recork the bottle, or buy a cheap $5 wine saver cork at Target were unsuccessful and only allowed me a day or two of storage in the fridge.

Then along came Vacu Vin. The giftset is a blessing in disguise, as not only does it come with Vacu Vin’s pump and 2 stoppers, it also comes with 2 wine pourers, which eliminates my most hated part of the wine, trying to not leak wine all over the counter/floor when I was done with a glass’s pour.

The vacu vin gives me about 5 days in the wine cooler before its time to either finish it, or pour it down the drain.

I give this 2 thumbs up , and highly recommend it to all wine drinkers.

 “Excellent Product for keeping Wine fresher…” 2007-03-03
By Q. Gessner

This product is well made and easy to use. The pump makes a “clicking” sound when the vacuum seal has reached it’s maximum. I have found that you still have to refrigerate your wine for best results and that this product will not eliminate the need to keep your opened wine chilled.

This product will extend the life of your wine’s, however not indefinitely. It is designed to extend the freshness of the wine, not prolong it forever!

For the money – this product delivers! Made well and built to last.

 “Great gift” 2009-01-08
By J. Ivanhoe (New Jersey, USA)

Gave it to my husband and he really enjoys it. He likes how the pump clicks when it has pumped all the air out. Also, the wine pour spout is great – no more drops on your tablecloth.

 “Does what it’s supposed to do.” 2010-02-12
By Ryan Tishken (Honoulu, HI)

I previously had another wine saver that pumped out the air, but you had to guess how many pumps and it didn’t always hold a seal. This wine saver has solved both of those problems. You pump out the air until it clicks, so you know to stop pumping, and everytime so far it has held the seal as it should. It’s nice when a product does what it says it does. No disappoint here, only smiles.