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Vin02 Wine Aerator Award Winning Design

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Vin02 Wine Aerator Award Winning Design Review. It is a well known fact that red wine needs breathe and thus open up to releasing its aromas and creating a smoother finish. The VinO2 wine aerator incorporates art and style while expediting this process. Designer Master Zen Lhu has crafted a wine aerator that is truly a work of art. Master Zen’s dream is “as the sun is to the earth, the rain is to the valley, the soil is to the vine, our wine aerator will be to your next glass of wine.” Our award-winning design gives each and every glass of wine enhanced flavors and superior bouquets. Simply pour your next glass of wine through the VinO2 wine aerator into your glass. You will hear the air fortifying your wine in seconds and you will smell and taste the difference.
“Let me breathe life into your next glass of wine”
Master Zen Lhu

 “Must taste to believe!” 2009-11-03
By R. Gitre

No kidding. This makes that […] buck chuck taste awesome. Fun to use. Very sexy design. It was the hit of our last wine party. I’m going to be giving this to all my best clients this holiday season.

 “At first I was skeptical!” 2009-11-03
By In Vino Veritas (SoCal)

I received a Vino2 Aerator as a gift, and was a bit skeptical that it would improve the taste of wine. I brought it out when some friends were over for wine and cheese, and we decided to test it out. I poured the wine into identical glasses (no one saw which was which) and had them all try it. Every one of us could taste a difference in the aerated wine! It really does make a difference, especially if you have just opened a bottle and it seems like it needs to rest a bit. The aerator takes away that initial acidity, and lets you drink it right away! It comes in a beautiful box, with a stand so you can put it on a tray with your wine. Cheers to the person who developed this product, I just solved my Christmas shopping list!

 “Best Aerator Ever!” 2009-11-22
By Nickolas E. Fandel (San Diego, CA USA)

I bought many of these Vino2 Aerator’s as Christmas gifts this year. I had never used one before but have heard many good things about them and especially the Vino2’s. I actually tried a comparison of a glass without aeration and one with. The difference was amazing! The Vino2 aerator makes the taste smoother and gives it less of a bite. The great thing was that this is an instantaneous process so you don’t have to sit around and wait for a decantor. I really like the attractive and sleek looking box. The stand, which comes with the product, is an added perk to the whole set up. I have seen other aerators, but the Vino2 gets the first place award for ease of use, aesthetics and price. I just got more than half of my Christmas shopping done this year. I owe the creator of this product many thanks and would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

 “Wonderful!!!” 2009-11-27
By M. Dougherty (Malibu, CA)

This is a wonderful invention. I am so happy I found it. This is the perfect gift for friends and family. It is very handy and make your red wine pop witj flavor. I would recommend this to everyone! Wonderful wonderful!!!

 “my new xmas gift for all the people at work” 2009-11-04
By J. Rones (san diego)

I first saw this product in Napa at well known winery. I bought it for my brother in law and we did a side by side comparison with the same wine. We tasted one without using the Aerator and one after we used the Aerator, we all concluded that the wine tasted better using the Aerator.

also i love to watch it work; the gurgle always delights me.

and i bought 5 more since the original purchase so I can give it to others.

Love it, love it, love it