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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerators, Red Wine and White Wine, Set of 2

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerators, Red Wine and White Wine, Set of 2 Review. Red wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better. Vinturi’s patent pending design speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience. White wine needs to breathe too. It is a longstanding myth that white wine does not need aeration. The truth is that white wine displays the same improvements with aeration as red wine. Vinturi white is the most effective way to aerate white wine. Taste your wine the way the winemaker intended. Vinturi for white wine is specially designed to aerate white wine exclusively. Both Vinturi red and white aerators deliver recognizable improvements immediately: better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. It couldn’t be easier. Vinturi aerators come with a no-drip stand and a travel pouch. Made of acrylic. Aerator and stand are dishwasher safe. Travel pouch is machine washable. The glossy, clear acrylic is elegant and clean. But do note that there are two slight fold lines that extend upward from each air hole. These are normal. During manufacturing, material folds around rods and wraps back, and this causes the fold lines. Set of 2.

 “Vinturi Wine Aeators” 2009-11-11
By Rockster (Illinois)

I bought the pair of these (for red and white wines) because Amazon’s price for a bundle was very good. So, when they arrived, I grabbed a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine and did some taste comparisons with the wife. We tasted a wine before and after aerating. I have to say, if nothing else, these things are very entertaining. When you pour wine into the top and it comes out the bottom into your wine glass, the wine bubbles loudly and it makes you laugh – very entertaining for a party. The difference is very noticeable. Wine run through the aerator is smoother and has more flavor. Nobody has ever guessed wrong about whether a wine was aerated or not. The quality of wine affects how the aerator works. A really bad wine may become drinkable, but don’t expect it to become even good. On the other hand, a mediocre wine can become quite drinkable. So, your mileage will vary, but you should taste the difference clearly. I liked them so much, I bought another package and sent it to my duaghter who is also a wine lover. Great product.

 “wine vinturi” 2009-11-19
By Mr. Edwin B. Smith

The wine vinturi does what it states in the advertisement. Found the use of them does enhance the taste of the wine when decanted using the venturi. Excellent delivery service and I would endorse the purchase to anybody.

 “All the rage in Solvang” 2010-03-04
By A. Doss (Los Angeles)

I am in no way a wine snob. But, the GF loves to consume wine. I may have a glass a week, she’s closer to one a night. So, the idea of decanting a whole bottle to allow it to breathe before serving makes sense, but you kinda have to drink the whole bottle that night. When you’re entertaining, no problem. But, if you just want to pour a glass for yourself, it’s really hard to commit to decanting a whole bottle.

So, I bought the kit (with the electronic wine opener, which is great fun). Now, it is a two handed operation. You have to hold the aerator in one hand, bottle in the other, glass on the table. If you don’t pour fast enough, the air doesn’t get sucked in through the side holes. If you pour too fast, you run the risk of overflowing. But, to be honest, it’s pretty simple and you get the hang of how fast to pour and you can hear the sucking sound (which sounds odd, but it’s a clear sign of air being infused with the wine). So, that’s as tricky as it gets. Oh, and with whatever hand you’re holding the aerator make sure you fingers don’t cover the holes on the side, where the air gets sucked in. That’s it…those are all the tips you need.

The red wine aerator has a screen for particles. The white wine one doesn’t. The kit comes with a cute travel bag, etc. and the stands are easy/convenient.

But, now the subjective part. Does it affect taste? Of course it does. I did a lot of blind comparisons with friends and with the GF. Which is also a good excuse to have people over to drink. And I’ve served aerated and non-aerated, the same bottle, and people think it’s two different wines, every time. Most prefer the aerated version of the same wine. It can make a $7 bottle wine that much smoother. Does it make it a $200 bottle of wine? Heck if I know, I don’t buy $200 bottles of wine. The most expensive I get is $30, tops.

Like any good wino, I have my favorite types of wine at all price points. So, it makes the wines I like, taste better, for sure. It can make a good wine a little bit better. Similar to how a great wine benefits from being decanted. So, it is a palpable difference, usually for the better. And, without the commitment of an entire bottle. I can aerate one glass at a time and feel no pressure to finish the bottle that night.

In short, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a simple thing and it does “force” a wine to breathe for immediate, glass by glass, consumption.

 “Great gift!” 2009-12-28
By Horizon MacKenzie

We purchased this item for my parents. They are wine lovers, but have never believed in taking the time to properly decant the wine. Over the years we have seen them wait until the very last minute to open a bottle of wine and then do a number of complicated things to try and air out the wine. When they received the Vinturi Aerators, they were skeptical. We just checked in on them, and two weeks later, they are in love with this product! They said the taste of the wine is dramatically improved by use of the Vinturi – this is true for both red and white wine. This was a great gift for hard-to-shop-for in-laws who have most wine accessories. Their reviews have convinced us – we are planning on ordering a set for ourselves soon.

 “Really makes a difference in taste of wine” 2009-12-30
By Sharon L. Nawalanic (Fort Lauderdale, FL USA)

We had an experience with the Vinturi red wine aerator at a friends house. First several people tasted wine without being aerated, then the same wine with use of the aerator. Everyone agreed that it did make a difference in taste – even those who did not know which was which. All prefered the taste with use of the aerator. We gave several sets for Christmas presents to friends – makes a great gift and at this point not many have the aerator for white wine. Delivery of the product was fast and as scheduled…we love Amazon Prime!