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Oster 4207 Electric Wine-Bottle Opener

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Oster 4207 Electric Wine-Bottle Opener Review. At the touch of a button, the Oster Wine Opener easily opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. The stylish and ergonomically designed soft-grip handle will fit into the palm of your hand for a firm grip. Also includes a foil cutter to remove wine seals and a recharging base for convenience.

 “What a great product! Will save me time and strain on my hand.” 2008-08-30
By J. Powell (Brooklyn, NY United States)

Watch Video Here: This is my first video review of a product, and the very first time I used this product. It’s a simple product to use, and works well.

UPDATE 6/16/2009

I must say, while the product works as indicated in the video, about a month ago, I heard a loud “crack”, and the corkscrew simply broke off inside the unit. I took the unit apart to see if I could do a quick repair and there was no easy way to do that.

Based on that shoddy construction, and it only lasting less than a year, I can’t really fully endorse this product.

 “A marvel of low tech” 2007-04-12
By hyytekk

As a person who loathes cheap, clutter, infomercial widgets I bought this out or sheer curiosity imagining it would be returned the same day. This opener is large, requires an electric plug and takes up counter space. But to my surprise it works amazingly well. There is a foil cutter that is stored in the base. The screw enters cleanly and seems to eliminate broken and shredded corks which can be frustrating. Hold the button again and the cork emerges from the device and drops out. I always liked my sturdy and simple stainless steel opener. But this turned out to be a keeper. It’s design is contemporary and clean, although it looks like it should do something more profound than just pull a cork. It’s also a conversation piece provoking smiles from guests. A pleasant surprise, highly recommended and especially so for a person who lacks hand or wrist strength.

 “Best Wine Opener Ever!!” 2006-12-13
By Ann C. Zavala (USA)

I have a whole menagerie of wine openers and NOTHING compares to this Oster opener. I have bought them for gifts too and everyone loves them! I don`t think you`ll be disappointed in the least!!

 “Better than I expected!” 2006-08-25
By massageya? (way up north)

This product makes opening a bottle of wine effortless. Any wine drinker with Arthritis or Carpal tunnel (like me) should own this. You do need one hand on the bottle and one on the opener to keep them from rotating, then just hold the rocker switch down. It has a sleek look and fits in on your bar or counter. A great gift!

 “It really works, and it’s basically effortless” 2007-05-14
By T. Kramer (Chicago, Illinois)

I have been trying to find a corkscrew that my wife will use with enthusiasm for about 15 years. Up until this one, they have all been “too hard” and I have to end up opening her wine. She is now perfectly happy to open a bottle of wine by herself, and that’s all I can ask. It’s a rather large device for what it does, but its kind of cool looking, so it makes up for its size.