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Metrokane Wine Pourer with Stopper, Black

May 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Metrokane Wine Pourer with Stopper, Black Review. Black Bottle Pourer with Stopper – ABS Plastic and Rubber

 “Great product!” 2008-06-27
By Mcmorty (Oklahoma, USA)

Wow, who would think something as insignificant as a wine stopper could make me smile. I ordered this only because I was looking for something to purchase to get one of those 4-for-3 specials on Amazon. When we have our occasional bottle of wine, we never finish in one night and it’s always been a challenge to get the cork out the second or third night. This crazy little thing works perfectly. The stopper goes in the bottle VERY easily and then you just pull the little black thing out of the stopper and pour. We store the wine on its side and it never leaks. It is so cool looking that it would make a wonderful gift. I HIGHLY recommend it!

 “Must Have For Wine Drinkers” 2008-04-07
By J. Barr (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Great product, pours smoothly, no drips, seals bottle, and looks nice. I bought for myself, then bought several more as they make great gifts. I highly recommend.

 “Pours good” 2008-06-02
By Kevin A. Smith (S Florida, USA)

Actually works really well. I had one on a bottle of white wine in sitting in ice. The ice melted and the bottle fell over, but not a drop of water got into the bottle. It even sat that way overnight. One caveat! The bottle went from cool (enough) to very cold, so some vacuum probably formed in the bottle. That may have helped some with the seal, but seal it did. As a pour spout it works fine, minimal dripage. No noticeable change in the taste of the wine. It also looks fairly cool, and it has received comments. I import Italian wine and have used it when out with my samples.

 “Wine Stopper” 2007-11-26
By Grandma

Can’t say enough good for this one. Makes a great gift to go along with a bottle of wine. The best stopper / pourer I have ever purchased.

 “Elegant, easy and a great combo with wine preserver spray” 2009-01-24
By Bearwife (Seattle, WA USA)

I’ve tried a few wine bottle stoppers to pair with my wine preserver spray, and this one is the best. The “cork”/pourer fits virtually any wine bottle neck, and pours very nicely, and the little stopper gives a truly airtight seal. The whole thing looks rather nice too. Very nicely designed, very easy to use. Buy this if you use a wine preserver spray. (And to my way of thinking only the wine preserver spray actually preserves the qualities of good wine, at least over the four days or so it takes to drink one at a glass a day rate.)